Management Systems

OakPanelledDiningRoomGibson/Magerfield Corp’s preferred approach to project management is to participate as a team member with the owner and design professionals with specific project goals and member responsibilities established at the beginning of the job. They are frequently asked to negotiate contracts of various types in this environment.

They have found that the smoothest run jobs are those in which the project manager has had a role in the preconstruction/estimating phase. Successful estimating is a product of managing information. Gibson/Magerfield supplements their common sense approach, experience, and contacts in the construction community with Sage Estimating Software which allows them to produce estimates quickly. They combine this experience with the Sage Software for both Job Cost management and Estimating. This allows greater flexibility in preparing quick estimates that are easy to review and update as the project requires. Once an estimate is established or updated, it is integrated into the job cost system. As costs are incurred and posted against the job, a job cost report is produced comparing actual costs to estimated costs. This allows the project manager to continually monitor the project.

Gibson/Magerfield, Corp. assigns a full time “on site” superintendent to each project. This person coordinates all people on the job everyday. Typically, they use their own forces for building layout and finish carpentry. This gives them the highest level of control for both scheduling and the overall quality of the project. They will solicit quotes and proposals for all materials and sub-contracts.